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What on Earth is a Calming Cafe? 

While a firm believer in the benefits of movement, I also understand that sometimes, it is equally important to be still. It is from this concept that the Calming Cafe was born. Available during massage hours, the cafe is designed to be a retreat where in one can disconnect from stress and reset themselves. Free coffees and tea are available, as well as the occasional home-baked goody. Here, you will find yourself surrounded by art from artists with personal connections to Central Illinois. None of the artwork in the cafe is store-bought. It's the perfect place to take a moment, take a deep breath and a much-needed break. You can relax, reset, renew, and then return to the rest of your day. It's the perfect attitude adjustment!

What's available in the Cafe? 

Currently available in the Cafe:Coffees French Vanilla, Mocaccino, Chocolate and Cortado
With choice of stevia Splenda or raw cane sugar, and regular, caramel macchiato and french vanilla creamers 
Celestial Seasonings Teas: Chamomile Lemon Zinger, Peppermint, Honey Vanilla, Chamomile  Sleepytime Raspberry Zinger, Wild Berry Zinger, True Blueberry, Black Cherry Berry

Laptop & Coffee

About the Artwork 

Every piece of artwork in the cafe, from the paintings on the walls and the poetry to the mandala stones, was created by an artist with personal ties to the central Illinois area. There are currently six different artists represented in the cafe, and most of the artwork is for sale.
Nancy Franklin owns Dazed and Resued Art Studio in Tacoma, Washington. She and her husband Christopher created the paintings and mandalas on display using different methods. 
Danielle Wright is currently displaying a gallery of landscape and Americana photography taken in  Colorado, Kansas and Missouri.
Jericha Roberson is the creator of the lovely waterfall mirror painting. This work is not for sale. 
Trisha Farmer has the profound poem I Am Significant on display currently.  This work is not for sale through Healing Hands, but prints can be purchased directly from the artist. Proceeds support her mission work. 
Conley Wright is the newest gallery added to the Calming Cafe.  His photography features rail industry and landscape subjects. 

What is a Calming Cafe? : Cafe
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