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What can you customize?

With sessions varying in length from the 15-minute Headache Solution to a 90-minute full body therapeutic massage, there is something for everyone. Looking for a little pampering over lunch hour? Try the paraffin wax dip. It only takes 10 to 15 minutes, and your hands will feel fabulous afterwards.
While deep tissue massage is certainly available, It Is by no means a requirement. If you are simply looking for a slow gentle relaxation massage, just ask. I will vary the pressure to suit your needs.
Not everyone finds the standard music in a massage studio as soothing as one might think. For that reason, Amazon Music is available. If it's on Amazon Music, you can listen to it during a massage. No questions, and no judgment.
Healing Hands is proud to use Laguna Moon essential oils. The following is a list of oils currently available for use in the office.
Vetiver Lemongrass Tea tree Cedar Peppermint  Geranium  Rose Lavender Rosemary Clove Bergamot Grapefruit Orange Lemon Vanilla Cinnamon  Sandalwood Jasmine Frankincense Chamomile 

Some of us are a little more warm blooded than others, and some get chilled very easily. That's why there is a fully adjustable warmer on the massage table at Healing Hands.

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